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New York Attorneys – Case Results for Berkowitz & Weitz

Case Results $4,000,000 Trial Verdict. 53 year-old female housekeeper injured after stepping into pothole in crosswalk, sustained injuries to the spine and knee requiring surgeries


Janet, New York, NY Thanks to Robert Berkowitz, I recently received a settlement for a personal injury case that he was working on for me. I

Abuse in Foster Care – New York Attorneys Berkowitz & Weitz

Abuse in Foster Care Foster care abuse should never happen. Children placed into foster care, on either a temporary or permanent basis, have the right

Contaminated Food Products – New York Attorneys Berkowitz & Weitz

Contaminated Food Products As a general rule, food poisoning cases are products liability cases. In other words, they are brought forward under the doctrine of

Legal Malpractice – New York Attorneys Berkowitz & Weitz

Legal Malpractice Generally, legal malpractice occurs when an attorney, acting in their professional capacity as a lawyer is negligent. In this context, negligence is the

Dangerous and Defective Products – New York Attorneys Berkowitz & Weitz

Dangerous and Defective Products Product liability means a manufacturer of a consumer product failed to design or manufacture the product to avoid causing harm to

Subway and Train Accidents – New York Attorneys Berkowitz & Weitz

Subway & Train Accidents The New York City Transit Authority and the subway and train operators that they employ have a legal obligation to protect

Premises Liability – New York Attorneys Berkowitz & Weitz

Premises Liability When an injury is caused by an unsafe or defective condition on someone’s property, negligent owners may be held responsible.  Business owners, landlords,

Sexual Harassment and Discrimination – New York Attorneys Berkowitz & Weitz

Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Sexual Harassment is when a person is subjected to comments or conduct of a sexual nature while at work or a

Assault and Battery – New York Attorneys Berkowitz & Weitz

ASSAULT & BATTERY Assault is an act performed intentionally in order to cause a reasonable fear of harmful and imminent contact. That is, a person does

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