Child Victims Act Lawsuits

Child Victims Act Lawsuits for Survivors of Sexual Abuse

The Child Victims Act (CVA) extends the statue of limitations for survivors of sexual abuse, regardless of age or when the crime initially occurred. Signed by Governor Cuomo in August of 2019, this legislation ensures that abusers can be held accountable in both the criminal and civil justice systems.  The Child Victims Act (CVA) gives survivors of abuse, of any age, a one-year “look back” window to file a civil lawsuit against their abusers and the institutions that enabled them. This gives survivors an opportunity to seek justice and relief despite previous Statute of Limitation restrictions. In addition, and after the “look back” period expires, the new law extends the Statute of Limitation to age 55 to file civil lawsuits for sexual abuse.

Under the Child Victims Act, lawsuits can be filed “against every party whose intentional or negligent acts or omissions are alleged to have resulted in the commission” of sexual abuse against children. As a result, survivors can now file a claim against both private and public institutions for negligent supervision and negligent hiring, as well as for failing to properly investigate or prevent the abuse. Changes in these laws will now hold perpetrators accountable for their actions and grant justice to those that have suffered severe trauma and damage.

To date, institutions which have been sued as defendants for sexual abuse under the Child Victims Act include:

Religious Institutions

–       Catholic Church

–       Mormon Church

–       Jehovah’s Witnesses

–       Yeshivas

Youth Organizations 

–       Boy Scouts of America

–       YMCA

–       Summer Camp

–       Organized Sports


–       Teachers

–       Administration

–       Students

Healthcare Providers 

–       Hospitals

–       Doctor’s office

–       Medical facilities

Regardless of whether or not the abuse occurred recently or decades ago, the Child Victims Act allows  survivors of sexual abuse to seek both legal retribution and civil justice. If you are a survivor of sexual abuse, please call now for a private and confidential consultation. With dedicated experience in cases regarding sexual abuse, we are a strong legal advocate with skillful representation in this discipline. Please call us to seek the justice you deserve.

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